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Lindsay Lohan posts completely nude snap from throwback Playboy shoot

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Video shows tribal girls forced to dance naked, authorities say clip old

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Man allegedly used Snapchat to request explicit photos from SWVA teens

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Children as young as 12 have been sending naked pictures of themselves on Snapchat at school

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Snapchat nackt teens

Snapchat nackt teens

Snapchat nackt teens

They need to have a better protocol in place.

  • Girls and young women are increasingly being left distraught after finding naked photos and videos sent privately on popular social media app Snapchat have later been widely circulated after photos were saved using a screenshot.

First of all, for parents who monitor their children's smartphone use, Snapchat doesn't save pictures and messages sent so you can see them later.

  • But more worryingly, that they can result in bullying by peers or the children being targeted by adult sex offenders.

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